About New Media_OpenLab

NM_OpenLab was launched on April 11, 2013, at a Bilkent University event hosted by the Department of Communication and Design by the co-founders Ersan Ocak (TED Uni., COMD) and Funda Şenova Tunalı (Bilkent Uni., COMD). Other core team members are Fulten Larlar (Bilkent Uni., COMD), Erhan Tunalı (Bilkent Uni. COMD), and Levent Y. İnce (Bilkent Uni. COMD).

NM_OpenLab has five active workgroups that hold regular meetings and events. These groups are Play, Database/Archive, New Media Documentary, Open/Free Education, and New Media Journalism. The members of these groups are filmmakers, artists, scholars, researchers, programmers, designers, etc. from various affiliations.

What is the OpenLab extension?

open knowledge:
NM_OpenLab produces open knowledge to share it with anyone who needs it.

open-source software / free software:
NM_OpenLab utilizes every type of digital platform but especially supports open-source and free software.

open to collaboration:
NM_OpenLab is open to collaboration.

Where is New Media_OpenLab?

NM_OpenLab is based in Bilkent University but it is essentially a part of cyberspace.